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Kapiti Urgent Community Care Pilot


originally posted by WM Admin on 24 June 2010 and updated 29 January 2014


Wellington Free Ambulance has been operating the Urgent Community Care (UCC) scheme in Kapiti since May 2009, in conjunction with Capital & Coast DHB and Kapiti Emergency Medical Services (EMS).
The scheme was intended to reduce admissions to hospital and emergency departments by managing people at home and in the community when appropriate.
Kapiti UCC uses extended care paramedics (ECPs) – paramedics or nurses who have extended skills and knowledge – to see people and provide care in the community where appropriate, with referral on to community based services and primary care services. The ECPs have strong working relationships with other health professionals, including General Practitioners in the Kapiti area.
Anyone seen by the ECPs are advised to see their own primary care provider (eg, GP) within 24 hours for follow up care. Patients with more severe illness / injury are still referred to hospital and transported by ambulance.
As at August 2011, ECPs had seen over 3000 patients since the scheme began with 65 percent of these treated at home. 3.8 percent of UCC patients treated at home go on to later present at ED.

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