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Pacific Diabetes Nurse Specialist


posted by corinne renshaw on 13 September 2010


A key goal for ADHB is around reducing inequality. Pacific people, like Maori and other High Needs groups, have a disproportionate impact from diseases such as diabetes and CVD. This initiative funded a Pacific diabetes nurse specialist to work with two Pacific practices with a high enrolled population of people with type 2 diabetes. Her role included individual education of patients, managing the registries, supporting family and extended family to understand diabetes and to ensure links to other services are enabled.

What Worked Well

By embedding this service with the relevant pacific providers has meant that the role is seen as part of the community and part of the over all services of those providers. This has meant that trust and continuity (which are very important) have been established and maintained. This role is also closely linked to our wider Health Village Action Zone project and as such the there is a clear collaborative team effort supporting the wellbeing of pacific peoples.

What Didn't Work Well

Due to the high number of people with type 2 diabetes, it has been difficult for the nurse to reach all people. This role needs to be supported with the Diabetes Self Management Education service (currently out to RFP). It is also evident that some elements of treatment are perceived negatively e.g. use of insulin in management. As such the optimisation of medication can be difficult. Although not a fault of the project/initiative, it is an area where more support is needed.





Target Population


Areas of Focus

Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Smoking Cessation

Contact Person

Gayl Humphrey