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Men at Work


originally posted by corinne renshaw on 15 October 2010 and updated 21 February 2014


The initiative was run by StaffCare Occupational Health Provider with support from the Nursing Integration Leader, Manaia Health PHO.

Screening for Cardiovascular risk was provided in male dominant industry sites, predominantly works infrastructure (roading, sewage, drainage, water-supply). Eight industry sites participated, all in Whangarei. the target population was Maori Men > 35yrs.

The Ministry of Health funded the "Men at Work" project as an example of a targeted approach to CVD screening with follow-up management. Over six months (June – Dec 2009) 295 employees in eight sites were screened, 88% were male, 37% were Maori and 10% were assessed with >15% risk. The men with assessed CVD risk were issued with a free voucher to assist them to visit their GP for follow-up management and enrolment onto CarePlus.

See evaluation information on p. 18-19 at

What Worked Well

Industry management allowed the screening to be carried out within work hours which allowed employees to attend with their work mates. This generated a lot of discussion about risk factors and assisted team work with some "health competition". Free vouchers for a GP follow-up visit supported access to primary care for those with >15% CVD risk.

What Didn't Work Well

Putting a "use by date" on the GP vouchers was a barrier for some men when they throught they could not use the voucher after the expiry date. The expiry date was later removed.

Start Date

Jun 1, 2009



Target Population


Contact Person

Mary Carthew, Manaia Health PHO