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Insights from an iBleep trial: Understanding the implications

NZ Literature Abstract

posted by Research Admin on 2011-06-02 13:55:09.008


Janet Liang
Karen Day
Martin Orr
Jim Warren

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Health Care and Informatics Review Online, 15 (1), 13-22

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Journal article (peer reviewed)

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North Shore Hospital management initiated a trial of a web-to-smart mobile communication system called the iBleep, to try to improve their junior doctors’ working conditions. The trial found that the majority of North Shore Hospital junior doctors and nurses did not like the iBleep for technical and workflow related reasons. Clinician comments suggest the reasons for these outcomes are due to a combination of implementation and organisational factors related to North Shore Hospital, and sociotechnical factors related to communications technology usage relevant to any acute care hospital. As a result of the feedback from the trial, the iBleep implementation was rolled back.

Type of Study

Feasibility study

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