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Pacific Islands Families Study

Research Study

originally posted by admin on 9 June 2011 and updated 23 June 2015


The Pacific Islands Families (PIF) Study is following a cohort of 1398 Pacific children within their family environment over the first 13 years of the child's life. Extensive consultation within Pacific communities has contributed to the development of this multidisciplinary project and the inclusion of psychosocial and health concepts that are relevant to these communities. It is anticipated that this prospective, longitudinal study will generate important practical information on Pacific child and family health and psychosocial functioning over critical developmental stages.

The PIF Study’s broad aims are to determine optimum pathways for Pacific children and families during critical developmental periods by identifying risk and resilience factors that influence positive and negative outcomes; and to provide Pacific-specific evidence and make empirically-based strategic recommendations to improve the health and well-being of Pacific children and families and address the social disparities they face in New Zealand.

The PIF Study is being undertaken by a team of researchers under the leadership of Professor Janis Paterson and Dr El-Shadan Tautolo.

Start Date

Jan 1, 1998


In Progress


The homepage of the study is hosted by Auckland University of Technology,


Janis Paterson
Steve Taylor
Leon Iusitini
Fa'asisila Savila
El-Shadan Tautolo

Research Abstracts

Pacific Islands Families Study: The association of infant health risk indicators and acculturation of Pacific Island mothers living in New Zealand

Immunisation of a cohort Pacific children living in New Zealand over the first 2 years of life

Smoking among mothers of a Pacific Island birth cohort in New Zealand: Associated factors

Maternal self-report of oral health in six-year-old Pacific children from South Auckland, New Zealand

Maternal and demographic factors associated with non-immunisation of Pacific infants living in New Zealand

Motivations for smoking cessation and the impact of regulatory tax Increases amongst fathers within the Pacific Islands Families Study

Acculturation status has a modest effect on smoking prevalence among a cohort of Pacific fathers in New Zealand