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Training-Led Smoking Cessation Strategy Reaps Rewards for Wairarapa

Case Study

posted by Danielle Crooks on 8 July 2011

Since 2007 the Wairarapa District Health Board (Wairarapa DHB) and Wairarapa Community Primary Health Organisation (Wairarapa Community PHO) have been working with primary care practice staff to support them to achieve the routine implementation of the ABC approach. An investment in training, consultation support and resources has helped to promote a culture of smokefree practice that has driven positive outcomes for staff and patients alike. 

To identify the strategies and factors that have helped to drive this culture of practice, interviews were held with key staff: the Wairarapa DHB’s Smokefree Coordinator, the Wairarapa Community PHO’s Health Promoter, four practice nurses and two general practitioners (GPs). The results of the interviews are discussed (attached).

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