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The health status of Pacific children and young people in New Zealand

NZ Literature Abstract

posted by Research Admin on 20 July 2011


Elizabeth Craig
Philippa Anderson
Seini Taufa
Catherine Jackson

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Auckland: UniServices

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This report is the first of three reports, in the second series on the health of Pacific children and young people in New Zealand, and fits into the current reporting cycle as follows: Year 1 (2008) Health Outcomes; Year 2 (2009) Health Determinants; Year 3 (2010) Disability and Chronic Conditions. While the aim of the first reporting cycle was to develop an overall map of the major issues affecting the health of Pacific children and young people in New Zealand, this second series, while building on the framework developed in the first, aims to move beyond the sole provision of descriptive health statistics. In particular, it seeks to assist those working to improve child and youth health nationally, to utilise all of the available evidence when developing programmes and interventions to address child and youth health need. This year, Stillbirths were selected for more in-depth review. In addition, two other topics, selected by DHBs for inclusion in their local reports, have been included in this report, due to their relevance to Pacific children. These are: Initiatives to Increase Breastfeeding and Understanding Ambulatory Sensitive Hospitalisations (ASH).

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