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Guidance for improving supportive care for adults with cancer in New Zealand


posted by Research Admin on 11 August 2011

The aim of this guidance document is to improve the quality of life for people affected by cancer by improving access to and the quality of supportive care in New Zealand. It provides clear objectives based on the best evidence, and suggests best-practice service approaches that will help to ensure that adults with cancer, their families and whānau have access to the supportive care they need throughout the various stages of cancer, from diagnosis onwards.

This guidance is specific to adults. It does not include an in-depth focus on palliative care; nor does it cover care for children and adolescents. Guidance for these two areas is currently being developed separately by expert advisory groups with specialist knowledge.

This document is aimed at both government and non-government organisations (NGOs) involved in the funding, planning, policy and programme development and delivery of cancer supportive care services, including the Ministry of Health, District Health Boards (DHBs), NGOs, Māori and Pacific service providers, primary health organisations (PHOs) and other health and allied professionals.