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World Lung Cancer Conference Research Review

Research Review

posted by Research Admin on 2011-09-07 15:40:12.155

In this issue (attached below):

  • Erlotinib improves PFS in EGFR-mutant patients
  • Improving pathological staging accuracy
  • Strategy improves survival in stage 3 NSCLC
  • Markers of prognosis in resected stage 1B NSCLC
  • Carboplatin equivalent to a higher dose of cisplatin in advanced NSCLC
  • Pemetrexed in advanced non-squamous NSCLC
  • Cetuximab and CT: OS benefit in advanced NSCLC
  • Who needs mediastinoscopy after endosonography?
  • Danish Lung Cancer Screening Trial: 5-year data
  • Personalised MetMAb promising in NSCLC
  • Afatinib + cetuximab in NSCLC progressing on erlotinib/gefitinib
  • Preoperative chemotherapy: benefits in NSCLC
In this issue:
a RESEARCH REVIEW publication
Erlotinib improves PFS
in EGFR-mutant patients
Improving pathological
staging accuracy
Strategy improves survival
in stage 3 NSCLC
Markers of prognosis in
resected stage 1B NSCLC
Carboplatin equivalent to a
higher dose of cisplatin in
advanced NSCLC
Pemetrexed in advanced
non-squamous NSCLC
Cetuximab and CT: OS
benefit in advanced NSCLC
Who needs mediastinoscopy
after endosonography?
Danish Lung Cancer
Screening Trial:
5-year data
Personalised MetMAb
promising in NSCLC
Afatinib + cetuximab
in NSCLC progressing
on erlotinib/gefitinib
Preoperative chemotherapy:
benefits in NSCLC

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