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South Island PET Scan Variance


posted by Research Admin on 30 October 2011


From 1 July 2010, Canterbury DHB, working with the other South Island DHBs and the Southern Cancer Network, was required to ensure that Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Scan services are available for all South Island DHBs. Canterbury DHB, as lead DHB, is responsible for funding and reporting processes on behalf of other South Island DHBs, while the Southern Cancer Network is responsible for the establishment and secretariat for the Regional Variance Committee.
The role of the South Island PET Scan Variance Committee is to consider PET scan requests that do not meet the nationally approved clinical indications for PET scan.
For more information on the project, including the process used by the Committee for deciding on variations to the national clinical indications and the full text of the South Island PET Scan Audit Report, go to:


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