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A community controlled smoking cessation programme: ABC for Maori communities

NZ Literature Abstract

posted by Research Admin on 2011-11-11 14:18:57.112


Moana Tane

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Masters Thesis, AUT University, Auckland

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This research investigation of a kaupapa Māori community controlled smoking cessation programme sought to determine the acceptability and outcomes of the programme from the perspectives of the regular smokers who were involved. A literature review was undertaken prior to the research investigation to determine effective elements of smoking cessation interventions. Demographic data and smoking history of the programme participants’ was also analysed, and semi-structured interviews were carried out. The investigation confirmed the acceptability and positive outcomes of a community led initiative providing evidence-based smoking cessation support of nicotine replacement therapy and advice, and demonstrates that Māori smokers can and will make repeated quit attempts if they are well supported to do so within their own whānau and communities. The research also highlights the need for equitable and just distribution of sufficient resources to establish kaupapa Māori smoking cessation initiatives within Māori communities and whānau.

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Qualitative, Case studies

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