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Regional Multidisciplinary Meeting Development


posted by Research Admin on 9 February 2012


The NZ Cancer Control Strategy (MOH, 2003) aims to ensure patients have access to a multidisciplinary team approach. To achieve this District Health Boards (DHBs) and Cancer Treatment Providers are required to have documented procedures for a multidisciplinary approach, hold regular multidisciplinary case conferences and produce evidence that a multidisciplinary team approach is established.

The Central Cancer Network (CCN) has been working on MDM development for the past 2 years. In 2009 CCN received funding from the Ministry of Health (MOH) Cancer Services Development Fund to support the implementation of the CCN MDM Framework.

In 2011 the MOH provided additional funding to support the development of lung and bowel tumour streams. Stakeholders from across the CCN region agreed that multidisciplinary care was a priority area for investment and expressed unanimous support for investing $200k in a regional multidisciplinary meeting conferencing solution to support the functioning of the regional lung and bowel multidisciplinary meetings.

MDM development initiatives include:

  • Development of MDM documentation including formalised procedures, protocols and audit templates
  • Review and in some cases development of MDM referral processes and systems
  • Development of a simple data capture solution to monitor and audit cancer pathways
  • Development of specialist administrative support to co-ordinate MDMs where appropriate
  • Investment in a regional multidisciplinary meeting conferencing solution
  • Investigate funding of MDM including the management of private patients

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