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Recovery and self-management support following primary cancer treatment (UK)

International Literature

posted by Research Admin on 16 February 2012



Although around 2 million people are living with or beyond cancer in the UK, little research has been conducted on their experiences and needs following primary treatment. This paper presents a conceptual framework to inform areas of self-management support to facilitate recovery of health and well-being following primary cancer treatment.  The authors find that patient self-confidence may be low following treatment and recovery includes rebuilding this lost confidence. Support to manage the impact of cancer on everyday life was identified as a priority. Self-management support included health professionals, peers, employers, family, friends and online resources. However, support was not always available and confidence to access support could be low.

Foster, C., & Fenlon, D. (2011). Recovery and self-management support following primary cancer treatment. British Journal of Cancer, 105, S21–S28. doi:10.1038/bjc.2011.419.

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