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Strategy 2: Improving access to specialist advice through redesigning processes


posted by Alastair McLean on 20 April 2012

The ‘Improving access to specialist advice through redesigning processes’ strategy provides a range of evidence on how DHBs can improve access to specialist advice i.e. First Specialist Assessments (FSA) through streamlining pathways, eliminating unnecessary steps in the patient journey, moving diagnostics to the front of the pathway and implementing alternatives to the traditional face to face FSA. The strategy highlights the value of utilising   technology, specialists in the community, non-contact First Specialist Assessments, hot clinics, dedicated on call specialists, and patient focused booking, among other processes, to reduce waiting times, improve efficiencies and access to specialist advice.

Case studies from Hutt Valley and MidCentral DHBs provide examples of how this strategy has been successfully implemented.

  1. Patient-focused bookings – making the most of our capacity (Hutt Valley DHB)       
  2. Non-contact first specialist assessments: the MidCentral DHB experience

Additional resources for this strategy can be accessed here.