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‘Shared care’ health records now on-line in ED - Wairarapa DHB


posted by Alastair McLean on 9 October 2012


GPs’ summaries of patients’ health records are now able to be accessed online by all senior physicians working in Wairarapa Hospital’s emergency department (ED). The ‘shared care record’ is a summary of a patient’s important information such as allergy status, chronic conditions and long-term medications.

More than 33,000 people in Wairarapa now have a shared care record that is accessible across Wairarapa primary care practices and afterhours care, as well as the ED. It enables doctors to access information immediately, no matter where a patient is being seen.

The ability to share information electronically helps to make both information sharing and subsequent care more timely, efficient and safe.

The shared care record is limited to patients’ medication details and their diagnoses, and does not contain sensitive information. The protocol requires the clinician to ask the patient’s permission before accessing the shared care record, and patients can opt out of the system at any time.

The shared care record is part of the Tihei Wairarapa initiative to develop Wairarapa primary health services, and has been available to GPs since September last year.

The system uses a New Zealand-built product, ManageMyHealth™, which enables health providers to easily access a summary record of patient information through a secure web browser connection.

Wairarapa DHB, the PHO and Compass Health (who managed the project) see this as a significant improvement for patient care and anticipate that eventually all Wairarapa patients will participate.

The system has been rolled out across the Wairarapa and, in conjunction with other local PHOs, is likely to be rolled out within the Capital and Coast and MidCentral health districts later this year.




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