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Electronic MDM (Multi Disciplinary Meeting) Tool - Northern Cancer Network


posted by WM Admin on 15 October 2012


The Northern Cancer Network is developing an electronic tool to better capture and share clinical information from cancer multidisciplinary meetings.

To begin with the Northern Cancer Network plans to develop the electronic tool for lung and bowel cancer MDMs across the Northern Region’s four DHBs.  In future, this would be extended to other tumour streams.

A lung cancer template has been developed which will pre-populate patient demographic details and allow clinical details to be added before and after the meeting. The template will document the MDM outcomes and treatment plan, which will be utilised for communication with the GP and as a referral template to other services.

The Soprano Medical Templates, similar to the doctor’s clinical letters, will be used to develop the MDM electronic template and will be available in the clinical portal Concerto. Concerto is the physician portal in the three Auckland DHBs and is currently being implemented in Northland DHB.

The electronic tool is expected to start capturing lung cancer MDMs in 2012, with bowel cancer the next to follow.

The development of the IT solution follows a stocktake and gap analysis of the Northern Region cancer MDMs, to identify areas of improvement for effective MDM functioning. 

Good documentation will improve the decision making transparency, adherence to treatment plans and also assist in clinical audits and quality improvement.

Project details including contact information can be found at: