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BreastSurgANZ Quality Audit

Research Study

originally posted by WM Admin on 12 February 2013 and updated 13 April 2015


The BreastSurgANZ Quality Audit (BQA) aims to improve the quality of care by surgeons for patients with early and locally advanced breast cancer in Australia and New Zealand.

Participants can self-assess their clinical performance against set Key Performance Indicators and also compare certain data against peers.

Research into breast cancer treatment and outcomes using de-identified audit data also forms an important part of the audit's value.

Breast Surgeons of Australia and New Zealand (BreastSurgANZ), directors of the audit, require full members to submit data on all cases of early and locally advanced breast cancer.

This audit was formerly directed by the Breast Surgery Section of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons as the National Breast Cancer Audit. It was originally initiated as a pilot study in 1998 and has been running continuously since then. The College now manages the audit on behalf of BreastSurgANZ, who took over the audit's direction in late 2010.

The database currently contains over 150,000 episodes of breast cancer, with over 300 surgeons contributing data each year from across Australian and New Zealand.

The NBCA provides surgeons with a self-audit tool to monitor their own surgical practice in relation to evidence based standards, as well as participating in a quality improvement cycle. The data is also used in a de-identified and aggregated form for research into breast cancer treatment in Australia and New Zealand.

Start Date

Jan 1, 1998


In Progress


Research Abstracts

Adherence to recommended treatments for early invasive breast cancer: Decisions of women attending surgeons in the Breast Cancer Audit of Australia and New Zealand

Initial axillary surgery: Results from the BreastSurgANZ Quality Audit

National Breast Cancer Audit: Overview of invasive breast cancer in New Zealand

Breast cancer characteristics and survival differences between Maori, Pacific and other New Zealand women included in the Quality Audit Program of Breast Surgeons of Australia and New Zealand

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