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Kiwis Count Survey

Research Study

originally posted by WM Admin on 18 April 2013 and updated 13 April 2015


The Kiwis Count survey has been developed from work done by the State Services Commission's multi-year research programme on what services really matter to the New Zealand public. You can find more information on this work and the drivers that identified what services would be measured here.

Kiwis Count measures satisfaction and identifies areas for improvement in public services. The measurement is only part of the survey's aim and the greatest value of Kiwis Count is improved service delivery in the public sector. Government agencies use the Kiwis Count data to assist with service enhancements and design, and performance improvement.

The survey measures New Zealanders' satisfaction with 42 frequently used public services.

Start Date

Jan 1, 2007


In Progress




Research Abstracts

Kiwis Count: June 2014 annual report

Kiwis Count: New Zealanders' satisfaction with public services: Quarterly update 10