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Porirua Social Sector Trial: Tumai Hauora ki Porirua


originally posted by WM Admin on 20 September 2013 and updated 29 September 2014


The vision for the Porirua Social Sector Trial is that, through interagency collaboration, the health of the Porirua community can be improved, by keeping people well and by providing prompt local treatment when people are unwell. This will achieve the trial objectives: to reduce ambulatory sensitive hospitalisations (ASH) and emergency department attendances among Porirua residents aged 0 - 74 years.

The trial is funded by an interagency group and governed by a group of senior Cabinet Ministers including Minister Ryall, Minister English, Minister Bennet, Minister Parata, Minister Collins, Minister Tolley and Minister Kaye.

Questions the trial needs to answer:

  • Why are so many people from Porirua going to ED?
  • What are the main pathways people take to get to ED?
  • What can be done to reduce the number of Ambulatory Sensitive Hospitalisations?
  • How can we ensure people are cared for appropriately closer to home? Properly linked in to their primary health care home?
  • Are the right services available to meet the health needs of people in Porirua?
  • How can we collectively look after our infants better?

How is the trial going to address these questions?

  • Set up a local Steering group and Clinical Group with expertise and authority to make recommendations and support change.
  • Talk with the health sector, government agencies and the community about the questions above.
  • Draft an action plan with recommendations for addressing the identified issues.
  • Implement the action plan from 1 October 2013.
  • This action plan will be constantly monitored, reviewed and updated.

For further information, go to:

A news item on the  Porirua Social Sector Trial is also available on the Ministry of Health website at:  (5 December, 2103).

 The report back to the community on Year One of the Porirua Social Sector Trial can be read in full text at:

Start Date

Jul 1, 2013


Capital & Coast


Community, Hospital, Primary Care

Areas of Focus

Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Emergency Department, Immunisations


Compass Health