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Diabetes case study - Brian's story

Case Study

posted by susan fullerton smith on 16 December 2013


‘It was a real surprise’ recalls Brian....

when first diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes almost ten years ago. ‘There hadn’t been any family history of Diabetes that we know of.’

 Since his diagnosis, Brian now 72, has been managing his Diabetes by moderating his diet and having regular 3 monthly check-ups with the Diabetes nurse.

Brian’s says the biggest on-going challenge is his ‘healthy appetite’. Over time, Brian has learnt which foods he can eat in moderation and those best to avoid. Nectarines and Chocolate are out, but Brian still likes to enjoy a cool beer on a hot Summer’s day, even if it’s a low alcohol, low sugar brand!

A few years ago, Brian’s GP suggested the Green Prescription Programme as a way to maintain weight and increase activity. Joining the local gym with an individual programme has increased Brian’s mobility and fitness. ‘I must admit, I really enjoy the sociability of it as well. I go to the gym once a week and, as often as I can, I go to the pool as well, I’m really pleased with the results, and I feel better.’ Brian also takes part many of the in Green Prescription Programme co-ordinated activities such as group walks.

While managing his Diabetes well, Brian has had to learn to manage his condition without relying the use of a Glucose meter, which has been a challenge. Along with the regular Diabetes nurse appointment, Brian also sees a Diabetes specialist once a year as part of a regular maintenance programme.

 Brian’s advice to people new to Diabetes is to ‘look after yourself, eat well and exercise, but don’t give up on all of life’s pleasures!’