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SHON as a novel biomarker predicting endocrine therapy response in breast cancer

Research Study

posted by WM Admin on 31 March 2014


Dr Dong-Xu Liu from the University of Auckland is investigating the fact that patients with oestrogen receptor positive breast cancer can fail to respond to anti-oestrogen treatments. Dr Liu and his research team have identified a novel protein called SHON, which plays an important role in breast cancer. They have shown that SHON protein expression in breast tumours predicts a favourable response to anti-oestrogen treatment. In this new research project they plan to generate a SHON-specific antibody and use it to analyse independent sets of breast cancer samples. The aim is to validate the use of SHON as a prognostic biomarker for predicting patient response to anti-oestrogen drugs.


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Health Research Council of New Zealand
Breast Cancer Research Trust
New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation

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Dong-Xu Liu