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The cost effectiveness of contemporary home haemodialysis modalities compared to facility haemodialysis: A systematic review of full economic evaluations

NZ Literature Abstract

posted by WM Admin on 24 April 2014


Rachael Walker
Mark R. Marshall
Rachael L. Morton
Philip McFarlane
Kirsten Howard

Year of Publication



Nephrology, 19, 459–470

Publication Type

Journal article (peer reviewed)

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The financial burden of the increasing dialysis population challenges healthcare resources internationally. This review (by New Zealand and international researchers) compares the cost-effectiveness of home versus facility haemodialysis for people with end-stage kidney failure. The evidence showed that contemporaneous dialysis modalities (including nocturnal and daily home haemodialysis) are cost-effective or cost-saving compared to facility-based haemodialysis. This result is largely driven by lower staff costs, and better health outcomes for survival and quality of life.

Type of Study

Economic analysis

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