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Cancer, Care and Comorbidity (C3)

Research Study

posted by WM Admin on 2 June 2014


The Cancer, Care and Comorbidity (C3) project aims to address the role of comorbidity and possible unequal treatment in secondary/tertiary care services among Māori with cancer. 

The project involves two studies one quantitative and one qualitative. 


In Progress


Cancer, Comorbidity and Care: Key findings from the C3 (Quantitative) Study:

C3 (Quantitative) Study Symposium:


Health Research Council of New Zealand


Diana Sarfati
Chris Cunningham
Tony Blakely
Elizabeth Dennett
Jason Gurney
Lis Ellison-Loschmann
Jonathan B. Koea
Ken Richardson
Clare Salmond
Virginia Signal
Andrew Simpson
James Stanley
Louise Signal
Kevin Dew
Jeannine Stairmand
Maureen Holdaway
Lesley Batten

Research Abstracts

Development of a pharmacy-based comorbidity index for patients with cancer

Unstaged cancer in a population-based registry: Prevalence, predictors and patient prognosis

Cancer-specific administrative data–based comorbidity indices provided valid alternative to Charlson and National Cancer Institute Indices

Incidence and management of hepatocellular carcinoma among Māori and non-Māori New Zealanders

Identifying important comorbidity among cancer populations using administrative data: Prevalence and impact on survival

Ethnicity and rectal cancer management in New Zealand

Review of methods used to measure comorbidity in cancer populations: No gold standard exists

Developing new comorbidity indices for cancer populations using administrative data