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Te Piki Oranga opens for business (Nelson Marlborough)

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posted by WM Admin on 3 July 2014

Nelson Marlborough DHB media release, 2 July 2014

The DHB Board gave its approval in November 2013 to refocus Māori health service delivery.

Mr Wereta said the DHB in partnership with Te Piki Oranga will continue to target diabetes, respiratory illnesses, cancer and heart disease; however, as a district we are targeting the next two generations and improving access to health care.

Te Piki Oranga, Tumuaki General Manager, Anne Hobby said, “The change will see resources being directed to supporting whanau achieving overall health outcomes and social independence.  Te Piki Oranga will be measured on health outcomes to a targeted part of the Māori population who live in communities with a high unmet need.”

She said the change will see the introduction of a Whānau Ora service which will introduce primary health care nursing, social worker support and a whānau ora navigator working for the best interest of Māori whānau.

In addition the new organisation will provide Child and Adolescent mental health services and Alcohol and other Drug counselling.

“The priority focus is towards fully assessing the needs of an individual and setting in place a plan of action they can achieve. Our focus is towards prevention and intervention in Māori communities and to improve health disparities.

“Te Piki Oranga did not want to lose the high level of Māori health expertise that  has been built up in Te Tau Ihu over the past decade, so many of the staff will be familiar to clients and well known to the Māori community. In addition some new staff have joined the team and they add some new skills and enthusiasm to the mix,” said  Ms Hobby.

Mr Wereta acknowledged the hard work Māori health provider managers and their Boards have done to make this vision come to reality.

The DHB has contracted Te Piki Oranga for three years and will work closely with the organisation to ensure that service performance are achieved covering the first 12 months of its operation.

Māori whānau can access Te Piki Oranga services through service delivery sites in Blenheim, Nelson and Motueka. Services will be delivered from the premises of existing Maori health and social service organisations in these areas.