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Better Public Services Result 3 - Case Study: Toddler hospitalised with rare rotavirus complications

Case Study

posted by WM Admin on 22 July 2014

When Jackie Broadbent found herself racing to hospital in an ambulance because her two-year-old child was fitting, she was frightened.

A geriatrician, Jackie is not prone to panic. She had kept five-year-old Dan and two-year-old Sophie home from daycare because Dan had diarrhoea and Sophie was a bit off colour.

Suddenly, mid-afternoon, Sophie went rigid and blue in the face: 'Initially I thought she was choking and then she started seizing.'

Within half an hour Jackie, Sophie and Dan were in an ambulance heading to the GP surgery, where Sophie was  put on a drip and sent by ambulance to Christchurch Hospital. She had two more seizures on the way and another five over the next few hours.

The seizures stopped once Sophie was given an intravenous infusion in the high dependency unit where she was monitored hourly over the following 24 hours.  Although she had started to improve by morning she was still confused and quiet. Then she developed diarrhoea. Soon after, Jackie did as well. Samples were taken and rotavirus was diagnosed.

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