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Protecting resources, promoting value: A doctor's guide to cutting waste in clinical care (UK)


posted by WM Admin on 21 November 2014

NICE’s database of ‘do not do’ recommendations is a resource that UK doctors should use to reduce waste in the NHS, according to a new report published by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges.

The report authors suggest that savings of nearly £2 billion can be made through better clinical practice, for example in the use of tests and medicines.

Among the report’s recommendations is a call for greater use of NICE’s ‘do not do’ database, which it describes as an “excellent resource” for doctors who want to question the value of particular clinical practices.

NICE’s ‘do not do’ database contains all the recommendations that NICE has made for clinical practices that should either be discontinued or not used routinely within the NHS.

To download the report, go to:

To read a NICE news article about the report, go to: