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Community representation in hospital decision making: A literature review (Australia)

International Literature

originally posted by WM Admin on 10 February 2015 and updated 29 June 2015



The author undertook an analysis of Australian literature that describes the barriers and enablers to community representation in hospital governance. 

Limited published studies on community representation in hospital governance in Australia were identified. The author does note that: "1) quality subcommittees set up to assist Hospital Boards are a key structure for involving community representation in decision making around quality of care, and 2) there are a number of challenges to effectively developing the process of community representation in hospital governance: ambiguity and the potential for escalated indecision; inadequate value and consideration given to it by decision makers resulting in a lack of time and resources needed to support the community engagement strategy (time, facilitation, budgets); poor support and attitude amongst staff; and consumer issues, such as feeling isolated and intimidated by expert opinion".

Now available to read in free full text at: 

Murray, Z. (2015). Community representation in hospital decision making: A literature review. Australian Health Review, 39(3), 323-328.