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Colorectal Oncology Research Review 19

Research Review

posted by WM Admin on 27 February 2015

Studies reported in this issue (attached below):

  • Management of colorectal adenocarcinoma metastases
  • Flexible sigmoidoscopy and CRC incidence
  • FOLFOXIRI + bevacizumab for mCRC?
  • Panitumumab vs cetuximab in chemotherapy-refractory mCRC
  • Primary tumour resection in CRC with unresectable metastases
  • KRAS mutation matters in FOLFOX-treated stage II/III CRC
  • FOLFIRI + cetuximab preferred first-line in mCRC?
  • EGFR inhibitor + chemotherapy benefits WT RAS tumours
  • Combination therapy with oxaliplatin superior in stage III CRC
  • Important differences between distal and proximal tumours

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