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Health Research Council review underway

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posted by WM Admin on 10 March 2015

Steven Joyce and Jonathan Coleman media release, 10 March 2015

Science and Innovation Minister Steven Joyce and Health Minister Jonathan Coleman say the Government is keen to optimise the role of the Health Research Council (HRC).

“The HRC is an important component of New Zealand’s science and innovation system. It plays a valued role in supporting our high performing health research sector,” says Mr Joyce. 

“A review is needed to identify how we can optimise the valuable contribution of the HRC. We want to ensure the HRC continues to deliver the right outcomes for New Zealanders,” says Dr Coleman.

The Government’s draft National Statement of Science Investment (NSSI) sets out a long term strategy to maximise the contribution of science to New Zealand’s economic growth, prosperity, and wellbeing of New Zealanders.

“In line with the draft NSSI, this review will focus on maximising the contribution of the HRC in line with the Government’s broader health and economic goals. It will also ensure HRC funding and other relevant funding mechanisms are closely aligned,” says Mr Joyce.

“It is a matter of ensuring the right mix of research and economic outcomes, while ensuring New Zealand universities remain attractive places for our top research talent to work in.”

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment and the Ministry of Health will jointly conduct the review.

“Both Ministries will meet with a range of stakeholders such as DHBs, clinicians, medical technology firms, Māori and Pacific stakeholders, and other funding agencies,” says Dr Coleman.

“We expect to receive the findings of the review later this year in June.”

Established under the Health Research Council Act 1990, the HRC is the Government’s principal funding agency for health research. It manages approximately $79 million of Government funds per year. 

Further information on the review can be found at: