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Canterbury Health, Ageing and Lifecourse Study (CHALICE)

Research Study

posted by Research Admin on 19 March 2015


Commencing August 2010, CHALICE is a multidisciplinary prospective random cohort study and biobank of 1,000 Canterbury adults aged 49–51 years at inception, stratified by self-identified Māori (n=200) and non-Māori (n=800) ethnicity.

The study will examine factors which could affect health, such as diet, lifestyle, attitudes, personality, social factors and genetics. Factors for diseases associated with ageing will also be examined, including heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, dementia, eye disease, infections, bowel cancer and depression.

A detailed follow-up assessment will occur every 5 years, with a brief postal follow-up assessment undertaken annually.

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Start Date

Aug 1, 2010


In Progress




Peter Joyce

Research Abstracts

Attitudes to ageing: Relationships with health and health behaviours in midlife

Attitudes to aging in midlife are related to health conditions and mood