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Long-term effectiveness of a community-based model of care in Māori and Pacific patients with type 2 diabetes and chronic kidney disease: A 4-year follow-up of the DElay Future End Stage Nephropathy due to Diabetes (DEFEND) study

NZ Literature Abstract

posted by WM Admin on 20 April 2015


Jasmine Tan
Paul Manley
Greg D. Gamble
John Collins
Warwick Bagg
Cheri Hotu
Geoff D. Braatvedt

Year of Publication



Internal Medicine Journal, 14 April [Epub before print]

Publication Type

Journal article (peer reviewed)

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In the DEFEND randomized controlled trial, a community-based model of care was compared with usual care for Māori and Pacific patients with advanced diabetic nephropathy. The intervention group achieved lower BP, proteinuria and less end-organ damage. They reverted to usual care after the intervention and this study investigated the sustainability of the intervention (median post-trial follow-up was 49 months).The authors conclude from the results that "short-term intensive BP control followed by usual care, did not translate into reduction in long-term mortality or ESRD rates, but associated with reduced hospitalisations".

Type of Study

Randomised controlled trial

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