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Pediatric safety incidents in the primary care office setting (UK)

International Literature

posted by WM Admin on 2015-05-05 13:58:50.406



The authors used data from a national patient safety incident reporting system to describe the pediatric safety incidents occurring in family practice.

"Three crosscutting priority areas were identified: medication management, assessment and referral, and treatment. The 4 incident types associated with the most harmful outcomes are errors associated with diagnosis and assessment, delivery of treatment and procedures, referrals, and medication provision. Poor referral and treatment decisions in severely unwell or vulnerable children, along with delayed diagnosis and insufficient assessment of such children, featured prominently in incidents resulting in severe harm or death".

The authors discuss the implications of these findings.

To read the full abstract, and for information on how to access the full text, go to: or contact your DHB library, or organisational or local library for assistance.

Rees, P., et al. (2015). Safety incidents in the primary care office setting. Pediatrics, 135(6).