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Systematic review of telemedicine applications in emergency rooms

International Literature

posted by WM Admin on 25 May 2015



This systematic review investigated telemedicine applications for hospital-based emergency care.

Thirty-eight articles were included. "Overwhelmingly, tele-emergency studies reported positive findings especially in terms of technical quality and user satisfaction. There were also positive findings reported for clinical processes and outcomes, throughput, and disposition, but the rigor of studies using these measures was limited. Studies of economic outcomes are particularly limited".

The authors conclude that tele-emergency has potential for small and rural hospitals that may see infrequent but emergency situations requiring specialist care and could also contribute to expanding use of minor treatment clinics to address access issues in remote areas and overcrowding in urban emergency departments.

To read the full abstract, and for information on how to access the full text, go to: or contact your DHB library, or organisational or local library for assistance.

Ward, M.M., et al. (2015). Systematic review of telemedicine applications in emergency rooms. International Journal of Medical Informatics, 22 May [Epub before print]