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Diet, nutrition, physical activity and gallbladder cancer (World Cancer Research Fund International)

International Literature

posted by WM Admin on 4 June 2015



In this 2015 report, the authors analyse worldwide research on how diet, nutrition, physical activity affect the risk of developing gallbladder cancer.

The global scientific research on diet, weight, physical activity and the risk of gallbladder cancer was systematically gathered and analysed, and then the results were independently assessed by a panel of leading international scientists in order to draw conclusions about whether these factors increase or decrease the risk of developing the disease.

The authors conclude that there is strong evidence that being overweight or obese increases the risk of gallbladder cancer.

The report and associated reports are available to download in full text at:

World Cancer Research Fund International (2015). Diet, nutrition, physical activity and liver cancer. London: World Cancer Research Fund International.