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The effect of varenicline administration on cannabis and tobacco use in cannabis and nicotine dependent individuals – A case-series

NZ Literature Abstract

posted by WM Admin on 10 June 2015


David A. L. Newcombe
Natalie Walker
Janie Sheridan
Susanna Galea

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Addiction Research & Therapy, 6:2

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Journal article (peer reviewed)

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In this study, the authors tested their hypothesis that varenicline may also effect cannabis use with five nicotine and cannabis dependent individuals attending a community alcohol and drug service in Auckland who expressed a desire to quit tobacco smoking. They conclude from their analysis that varenicline "... was associated with reductions in the enjoyment reported from using cannabis, and the amount of cannabis used. These results support further investigation of varenicline’s potential as a therapeutic intervention to treat dependence on nicotine and cannabis".

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