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Indigenous people's experiences at the end of life

NZ Literature Abstract

posted by WM Admin on 17 June 2015


Wendy Duggleby
Samantha Kuchera
Rod MacLeod
Paul Holyoke
Tracy Scott
Lorraine Holtslander
Angeline Letendre
Tess Moeke-Maxwell
Linda Burhansstipanov
Thane Chambers

Year of Publication



Palliative and Supportive Care, 15 June [Epub before print]

Publication Type

Journal article (peer reviewed)

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In this study, the authors synthesise the findings of qualitative research to explore the end-of-life experiences of Indigenous peoples. Eighteen studies were included and the authors identify 'preparing the spirit' for transition to the next life as the overarching theme. “'Preparing the spirit' occurred within the context of 'where we come from'. Processes involved in 'preparing the spirit' were healing, connecting, and protecting; through these processes, 'what I want at the end of life' was realized". The authors also note that the studies reviewed "identified very clear barriers within healthcare systems and current healthcare provider practices to 'preparing the spirit'.”

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