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Tiny heart detective device wins MTANZ Award

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posted by WM Admin on 17 June 2015



Trio Communications media release, 17 June 2015

A tiny, life-saving heart monitor that makes a significant difference to a patient’s quality of life has won the inaugural Medical Technology Association of New Zealand (MTANZ) Innovation Award for 2015.

Medtronic Australasia received the award for its Reveal LINQTM Insertable Cardiac Monitor at last night’s Healthcare Congress Dinner event in Auckland in front of healthcare sector leaders.

The Reveal LINQTM Insertable Cardiac Monitor identifies (or excludes) fainting due to heart rhythm disease by continuously monitoring, recording and storing a patient’s electrocardiogram and other health measurements for up to three years. Its wireless capabilities mean doctors can be notified remotely and quickly if a patient needs medical attention between regular appointments.

The implanted monitor is tiny, about the size of a paperclip or AAA battery. The device offers significant benefits over existing devices for the high numbers of New Zealanders living with potentially fatal heart rhythm disorders. The technology is designed to cause minimal disruption during implant and is especially suitable for children.

“Our organisation has initiated these awards to highlight the exciting levels of innovation that are available from our local medical device industry and to encourage further creativity. We believe such innovation enables the healthcare sector to deliver significant benefits to patients and clinicians while balancing healthcare budgets and increasing efficiencies,” explains MTANZ chief executive Faye Sumner.

The award judges were: Dr Diana Siew, National MedTech Sector Manager, Callaghan Innovation; Professor Peter Hunter, director of Auckland Bioengineering Institute, University of Auckland and Professor John Windsor, Professor of Surgery at the University of Auckland.

The MTANZ awards were judged on the basis of the product’s significant contribution to improving patient outcomes by enhancing quality of life; as well as evidence of technical excellence and innovation.

MTANZ says the awards will be an annual event.