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Engaging Maori in biobanking and genetic research: Legal, ethical, and policy challenges

NZ Literature Abstract

posted by WM Admin on 23 June 2015


Angela Beaton
Barry Smith
Valmaine Toki
Kim Southey
Maui Hudson

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The International Indigenous Policy Journal, 6(3)

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Journal article (peer reviewed)

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The Health Research Council of New Zealand has funded a research project to identify Māori perspectives on biobanking and genetic research, and to develop cultural guidelines for ethical biobanking and genetic research involving biospecimens. This review describes relevant values and ethics embedded in Māori indigenous knowledge, and how they may be applied to culturally safe interactions between biobanks, researchers, individual participants, and communities. Key issues of ownership, privacy, and consent are also considered within the legal and policy context that guides biobanking and genetic research practices within New Zealand. Areas of concern are highlighted and recommendations of international relevance are provided. The authors conclude that to develop a productive environment for "next-generation" biobanking and genomic research, "‘next-generation" regulatory solutions will be required.

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