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John McLeod Scholarship recipients

Dr John McLeod (Ngāpuhi) is an outstanding example for the Māori health workforce.

He was renowned nationally and internationally for his work in public health and his significant contribution toward improving Māori health.

While his distinguished medical, research and management careers ended with his death in 1994, Dr John McLeod is remembered annually through the Ministry of Health’s John McLeod Scholarships, a prestigious part of the Ministry’s Hauora Māori Scholarships programme.

Every year, more than 500 Māori studying a health-related, accredited course apply for a Ministry of Health Hauora Māori Scholarship. The applications are scrutinised by an expert advisory panel and a select number of John McLeod Scholarships are awarded.

Students do not apply for these scholarships – they are awarded only to outstanding individuals who excel academically while maintaining strong links with whānau, hapū, iwi and the wider community.

Since 1996, when the John McLeod Scholarships were established, more than 30 exceptional Māori students have been awarded one of these scholarships, worth up to $10,000.

A number of these scholars are profiled here ­– Māori who have chosen to work in health and who are changing lives –for themselves, their whānau and their communities.

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