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Whānau Ora Award winners and finalists

Whānau ora is the overall aim of He Korowai Oranga – Māori Health Strategy, which was introduced in 2002.

It’s about Māori families being supported to achieve their maximum health and wellbeing. And it recognises whānau – kuia, koroua, pakeke, rangatahi and tamariki – as the foundation of Māori society.

He Korowai Oranga presents whānau ora as a strategic tool for the health and disability sector, as well as for other government sectors, to help them to work with iwi, Māori providers and Māori communities and whānau to improve Māori health and quality of life and to reduce disparities with other New Zealanders.

In the wake of He Korowai Oranga, whānau ora became fundamental to the way Māori health services evolved, as did recognising the interdependence of people and the influence of the ‘collective’ on health and wellbeing.

By 2004, when the inaugural Whānau Ora Awards were presented in Wellington, working with individuals and whānau in their social contexts had become a critical aspect of good and successful practice for Maōri health and disability providers.

The awards sought to promote successful models of service delivery, or initiatives that increased whānau health and well-being by building on the strengths and assets of whānau and Māori communities.

The Whānau Ora Awards were presented again in 2006 and 2008, each year attracting up to 30 Māori health and disability providers.

Entries were characterised by innovative thinking and whānau focus.

Profiled here are a number of organisations that either won or were highly commended in the Whānau Ora Awards.

These profiles observe the achievements and the progress or status of the awarded feature over subsequent years.

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