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Māori Health and Disability Organisations

The 1990s witnessed the growth of a number of significant Māori health-related organisations and collectives of Māori health practitioners.

Māori clinicians established their own groups within ‘mainstream’ associations or, like Te Ohu Rata o Aotearoa – Māori Medical Practitioners’ Association, set up stand-alone organisations to support, profile and promote Māori students and practitioners, build workforce and professional development opportunities and create opportunities for networking.

Also significant in the ‘90s was the establishment of Māori health and disability organisations such as the Māori Health Research Units within universities throughout Aotearoa.

The organisation of both clinical and non-clinical sectors within Māori health would also enable organisations like Te Rau Matatini and Digital to become significant players in Māori workforce development.

During this time a large number of Māori health and disability providers were also affiliated to Māori Development Organisations (MDOs).

MDOs were set up to help strengthen the Māori health and disability sector, with an emphasis on better integration and coordination of care and assisting Māori provider development.

Once there were six MDOs operating under their own umbrella organisation – Te Matarau. Today Poutiri Trust, Tui Ora and He Oranga Pounamu are the only remaining MDOs operating as originally conceived.

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