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Research Reviews

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  • Geriatrics and Bone Health Research Review 4

    posted by WM Admin on 28 May 2015

    In the latest issue (attached below): 1-year risks after HF, acute MI, or pneumonia Hospitalisations during extreme heat events The…

  • GP Research Review 93

    posted by WM Admin on 2 Feb 2015

    In the latest issue (attached below):   Cytisine vs NRT for smoking cessation Metformin: risk of lactic acidosis overstated? β-Blockers in…

  • Cardiology Research Review 50

    posted by WM Admin on 2 May 2014

    Studies in this issue (attached below): HbA1c and CV risk prediction ‘Bendopnoea’ in patients with HF Perioperative cardioprotection with beta…

  • Cardiology Research Review 45

    posted by WM Admin on 1 Jul 2013

    Studies in this issue (attached below): Stop punishing HF patients Dabigatran with your Danish? Statins and the law of diminishing…

  • GP Research Review 73

    posted by Research Admin on 24 May 2013

    In the latest issue (attached below): Mediterranean diet prevents CVD Prenatal valproate exposure linked to autism risk Statin rechallenge often…