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The Knowledge Library describes primarily New Zealand based research on quality and innovation in the health sector from the year 2000 onwards.

Areas of focus include: clinical leadership; improvement methods; productivity (focusing initially on hospitals and shorter stays in emergency departments); health targets (including cancer, shorter stays in emergency departments, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and stroke), and oral health. 

Please note that this site is no longer being actively maintained and is presented here as an online archive. While it still contains a wealth of useful information, visitors who want to receive the latest health information should register to receive the fortnightly email Digest. This will link you directly to articles of interest in the key areas covered by this site. You can register for the Digest here.

The Knowledge Library has four searchable sections – Literature Abstracts; Research Studies; Researchers; and Funding Organisations.

  • The Literature Abstracts section includes articles, book chapters, reports, conference proceedings, and theses. Where available, links to full text are provided.
  • The Researchers section includes for each researcher, their list of  publications indexed in the Knowledge Library, contact information (where available) and current affiliation information (organisation, organisation type, country of affiliation).
  • The Research Studies section has descriptions, contact details and funding information for projects related to areas of focus including: clinical leadership; improvement methods; productivity health targets, weight management and oral health. 
  • The Funding Organisations section has contact details and information on areas of interest for funders.

To search the Knowledge Library:

There are two main ways to search the Knowledge Library:

  • The first is to go to the section you are most interested in (such as Shorter stays in ED) and click on the 'Literature' tab. That will bring up the full listing of content contained in the Knowledge Library that pertains to that topic. You may further filter the results by choosing the 'Filter by Tag' option on the right hand side of every main page. Choose the 'tag' that represents the area you are most interested in.
  • The second method is to do a search of the entire Knowledge Library. You do this by choosing the Knowledge Library tab on the home page. You then have the option to search all sections (Literature Abstracts, Researchers, Research Studies or Funding Organisations) inserting the search term in the box on the top right of any page and then clicking search.

You may also choose the 'Advanced Search' option that is found under the main Search box and follow the instructions contained there.

Adding content to the Knowledge Library

The Knowledge Library differs from other sections of HIIRC in that the research it describes has been identified and added to the database according to an inclusion/exclusion criteria developed by the HIIRC Project Team.

The Knowledge Library is updated on a daily basis by the HIIRC Administator, supported by the Ministry of Health Librarians.

If you have produced or are aware of material that should be on the Knowledge Library, please contact the HIIRC Administrator at .