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Research Reviews

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  • Cardiology Research Review 53

    posted by WM Admin on 10 Nov 2014

    Studies in this issue (attached below): The salt controversy continues What about the dietary evils of fat and/or sugar? Are…

  • Geriatrics and Bone Health Research Review 2

    posted by WM Admin on 9 Sep 2014

    Studies in this issue (attached below): Caring for confused older patients in hospital Timely care in the ED  Use of…

  • GP Research Review 86

    posted by WM Admin on 27 Jun 2014

    In the latest issue (attached below): Bariatric surgery vs medical treatment in diabetes Physiotherapy may not improve hip OA Proactive,…

  • Health Manager Review 8

    posted by WM Admin on 22 May 2014

    Studies in this issue (attached below): Withdrawing performance indicators Factors associated with job satisfaction and turnover among direct care workers…

  • Cardiology Research Review 49

    posted by WM Admin on 3 Mar 2014

    Studies in this issue (attached below): Let’s start at the very beginning Tools to help meet the ED time targets…

  • Smoking Cessation Research Review 11

    posted by WM Admin on 30 Jul 2013

    Studies in this issue (see attachment below): Relapse to smoking after release from a smoke-free prison NRT + varenicline: lack…